Mitchell Geographics

Consumer Segmentation Data

Customer segmentation models exist to categorize people into like groupings for marketing and business planning. Segmentation can be geographic, demographic, psychographic, or a combination of these and other factors. Pitney Bowes Software has a long history as a leader in geo-demographic modeling and consumer segmentation tools and data. New methodologies and approaches to creating life stage clusters/segments are now offered by Mitchell Geographics through our partnerships with Pitney Bowes Software and The Gadberry Group.

Microbuild Household Segmentation (HS) delivers household-based segmentation into 70 PersoniX clusters developed by Acxiom – segments such as ‘Active Elders’, ‘Cash and Careers’, ‘Gen X Parents’, ‘Jumbo Families’ – delivered by Gadberry and Pitney Bowes and available here at Mitchell Geographics. MicrobuildHS is available as counts by Census Block or Block Group geographies, and is updated bi-annually. Cluster codes can also be appended to your address lists.

Understand you customers, your markets, and your opportunities – and target your marketing and planning – better than ever before.

MicrobuildHS data can be leveraged in MapInfo Professional, in Anysite Segmentation, or in your own systems.