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Consumer Spending and Behavior

The world’s leading expenditure demographics

Pitney Bowes Software, the leading global provider of location intelligence solutions, offers another powerful demographic data tool for businesses in virtually any industry. Product & Spending Behavior data provides valuable insights for site and trade area analysis, market potential evaluation, target marketing, customer acquisition and service planning. The data is created using traditional demographic techniques and innovative, proprietary processes that result in a very robust database. The data is modeled for small areas and provides estimates of total dollars spent and average household expenditure on over 600 items ranging from shelter to pet food and appliances to sporting events.

Available as stand-alone data or bundled into Pitney Bowes Software software solutions including AnySite®.

  • Choose markets and retail sites based on the latest spending patterns
  • Identify future expenditure trends to measure growth or decline in markets
  • Predict spending growth to plan services, product and merchandise mixes
  • Add expenditure data to customer databases for targeted marketing and analyses

The definitive Expenditure Potential database

The Consumer Potential Detail Database contains current year estimates and five-year projections for consumer household expenditure potentials, better known as buying patterns, on over 350 products and services. The data are integral to studies requiring a more accurate estimate and projection of market potential.

  • Created at Census Block Group level for greater data stability and granularity
  • Current year estimates plus 3, 5, and 10 year projections
  • More than 1,200 variables, including age, sex, income, occupations and marital status