Mitchell Geographics

Financial Services Data

Gain a solid and factual understanding of where the consumer and small business demand is geographically located for core financial products. Measure how your branch is performing by product, and see where market potential exists.

Demand Insight Financial – Capitalize on in-depth market data

The Pitney Bowes Software financial demand dataset, Demand Insight Financial, is derived from over tens of millions of retail and small business banking accounts. An industry first, this dataset provides you with allocated estimates and projected demand for core financial products, and measures all three key sources of demand – residential, workplace and small business. These estimates can be used for performance measurements, market and site decisions, competitive analysis, strategic planning and resource allocation.

Bank Branch Location data

The Pitney Bowes Software comprehensive Bank Branches database consists of information on approximately 100,000 financial institutions from across the United States. Our database contains home and branch office information on banks, savings banks and savings and loan institutions. Included in the database are bank name, address information, five years of deposit history, as well as the institution’s branch parent and holding company, when applicable.

Financial Assets and Wealth database

The Pitney Bowes Software Financial Assets and Wealth module provides total, average, aggregate, and median indicators of assets and wealth of American households for current year and 5-year projections. This module provides a compelling set of asset and wealth measurements, and aggregate measures handle custom trade area analyses.

  • Financial Assets – includes investment and savings vehicles, and is a subset of the household wealth component
  • Wealth – includes household net worth, or the difference between assets and liabilities at the household level