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Manage risk and set appropriate rates

The leading global provider of location intelligence solutions, Pitney Bowes Software offers data products to help insurers make policy and pricing decisions. Risk Data Suite™ combines geospatial datasets with historical information for weather and natural hazards to facilitate underwriting and portfolio risk management. Aggregate exposure grids provide a powerful analytical basis for mission critical insurance decisions. When combined with Pitney Bowes Software geocoding and mapping applications, Risk Data Suite provides the ultimate solution for policy analyses and rating, custom rating territory creation, disaster scenario analysis, claims planning and preparedness.

Better data for better insurance decisions

  • Increase profitability by managing liabilities and risk exposure
  • Make accurate rating calculations, pricing and underwriting decisions
  • Analyze sites for risk proximity before building
  • Map policies and concentrations of exposure

Pitney Bowes Software’s comprehensive risk database

  • Flood Bundle
  • Earthquake Bundle
  • Weather Bundle
  • Mass Movement Bundle
  • Shoreline Bundle
  • Wildfire Bundle
  • Windpool Bundle
  • Terror Risk Bundle
  • Fire Station Bundle

Pitney Bowes Software insurance expertise

Hundreds of insurance carriers around the world count on Pitney Bowes Software for geographic analysis and predictive modeling solutions, the industry’s most accurate data and business and technical consulting services. Find out how Pitney Bowes Software can help you transform your insurance business with location intelligence.