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OnDemand Services

OnDemand Services

PB Software’s OnDemand products combine the best of both worlds – the high-quality solutions you expect from Pitney Bowes with the ease of use, maintenance, and support available from an OnDemand product.

Web services offered cover a wide array of functions, including:

Address Validation OnDemand
Maximize your postal discounts, capitalize on more reliable address data, and grow your customer relationships. Enable real-time address standardization, correction and validation — domestically and internationally — by employing sophisticated address matching algorithms.

Geocoding OnDemand
Analyze data geographically. Perform domestic and international address and postal code centroid geocoding for locations 27 countries.

Geotax OnDemand
Determine the precise tax jurisdiction for your addresses. GeoTAXOnDemand applies the correct state, county, township, municipal, and special tax district to your records, ensuring accurate tax determination, collection and payment.

Routing OnDemand
Leverage specific drive-time polygon services to generate the optimal travel path. Individuals responsible for logistics, marketing, and network performance can now integrate in-house data, including customer records and network locations, and run route optimization analysis in batch or real-time mode–delivered as web services or APIs–to support operational decisions.